About Us

Welcome to Caravan Trading!  Ours is a family business that spans two continents and five generations.  The family in Egypt oversee the manufacture of our hookahs, hoses, clay bowls, and Saalaam Herbal Shisha, while the family on the other side of the world imports those products to the U.S. and distributes them globally.  With an unrivaled inventory on hand at all times, Caravan Trading Group is a leading supplier to wholesalers, hookah cafes, restaurants, smoke shops, gift shops, and Middle Eastern markets across the country. Because there are never any middlemen involved with our products and our website is a no frills design that we can maintain ourselves, we are able to keep costs down and offer unbeatable prices to our customers.


Caravan Trading sells only authentic handcrafted Egyptian hookahs.  We never sell acrylic, fiberglass, or machine made imports because the continuity of tradition and quality are important to us.  Even more important to us is the support that we, and our customers, give to the artisans and craftsmen who, in a world dominated by machine made goods, continue to make hookahs the old-fashioned way.  Each of our hookahs is a unique piece of art, lovingly crafted in a time honored tradition.  In addition to Caravan branded products, we carry Khalil Mamoon pipe shafts.