Ecocha Coconut Charcoals 96/box

Ecocha Coconut Charcoals 96/box
Ecocha coals are 100% organic, and they are created with the use of natural coconut shells. In order to keep this coal organic, there is no use of chemicals or propellants in the process of making these coals. Besides coconut shells the Echocha coals use organic starch and water, to provide you with the cleanest charcoal possible.
This size will allow the use of 3 pieces of charcoal atop of your foil. Natural hookah charcoal like Ecocha will require the use of a coal burner, and should not be used with an open flame or torch. These coals will take around 7-9 minutes to become fully lit, and you want to always make sure that the coal is fully lit before moving them to your bowl.

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96 Cube/box